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Creative Confidence will help you to learn how to overcome your fears and become more confident around making art.  With more courses and workshops in the pipeline be sure to sign up to my Mailing List to be sure you find out about them as they are released!




















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From being told I'd never make it as an artist by a well meaning art tutor, to spending six years working in a payroll department and then seven more years working as a signwriter, I often felt that I'd never be able to achieve my dream of living and working as an artist and I'd be forever stuck in a job I didn't really like.


I knew that there was more to life than what I'd experienced so far, and I decided I had to give it a try.





























Over the last 13 years since choosing to follow my dream, I have had some wonderful opportunities - I've exhibited in galleries, had my work published by well known companies, taught in schools, hosted workshops, created courses and sold my work around the world.  Running a business which has evolved from an hour here and there whilst also being a tired parent of a new baby, to what it is today is something I'm really proud of and passionate about, and it's involved a whole lot of learning, growing, tears and joy.



I have enjoyed many years working as an illustrative artist, but just recently have felt the call to explore abstract painting.  This new way of working is proving to be a wonderful and enlightening journey, and I am thoroughly enjoying being able to express myself through this way of making art.  I am really happy to be sharing both abstract and illustrative work with you here.



When I'm not working I like to relax with family and friends, I love good coffee, yoga, walking, photography, being by the sea, reading, books, and watching Inspector Montalbano (my all time favourite show on TV).  I live in Sheffield, UK, with my partner and daughter, in a small terraced house in a village close to the wild moorland of the Pennines.


In the Autumn of 2018 I decided to start making Vlogs, this meant I could share what I was doing in a more visual way, and give people a chance to watch my process.  I also wanted to help people get started on their own creative journey and to show people what I did behind the scenes as well as in the studio and Vlogging seemed a fun way of doing that.  I soon discovered I had found a new passion - making films is such a creative and rewarding endeavour!



I also write a Blog, which I think of as my online Art Journal.  

I share guidance and advice about making art, running a creative business and also keep it updated with lots of pictures of what I'm working on and what I'm up to. I also like to share more heartfelt things too, such as personal experiences.  I make it my mission to always share the highs and the lows with you, and for me this is really important, as I believe it helps you to get to know me and the art business better, rather than only learning about the wins.


As much as I love painting, my other passion is helping other people get started

on their own creative journeys.  

After being told I'd never make it as an artist by an art tutor, I spent the next few years struggling with low self confidence, and taking on the most un-creative job imaginable in a payroll office!  I know how hard it can feel to lose faith in yourself and your abilities, and to be told you're not good enough.  That is why I have started to create courses and workshops designed to help women re-discover thier creative path, uncover their confidence and start making art again.


To get you started, why not check out my FREE workbook - How to be an Artist - it's full of guided questions to help you gain clarity and direction about making art in your own unique style, and is available when you sign up to my mailing list.


I also have my own gallery shop here on my website, where I sell a wide range of products, from original art works, to prints, cards and gifts.

You are very welcome to take a look, just click the link below to browse my current collection.



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Hi there, I'm Julia

I'm an artist who loves creating illustrative and abstract pieces of art which are inspired by the coast, and the stunning countryside surrounding my hometown of Sheffield.


I also create workshops and courses to help women discover their confidence and their own unique style of making art.  It's my mission to inspire and empower others, and to help them to discover the joy of following their creative path.

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